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Alan Tyler - El Tapado (CD-Gatefold Card Sleeve)

by Alan Tyler and Alan Tyler & The Lost Sons Of Littlefield


ALAN TYLER - El Tapado (HPR-034)

Formato/Format: CD gatefold card sleeve.
Fecha edición/Release date: 5 January 2018

*** The new album from Alan Tyler, lead singer of The Rockingbirds// Nuevo disco en solitario del líder de los Rockingbirds.

*** Post truth melancholia with electro hooks and country harmonies.

UK Americana pioneer ALAN TYLER will release his new solo album, El Tapado, on 5 January through Hanky Panky Records.

As chief songwriter in cosmic Camden cowboys The Rockingbirds, back in 1992 Tyler brought country to UK indie music fans in thrall to grunge and Britpop, paving the way for the now-huge UK Americana scene. For the last 21 years Alan has also run Come Down And Meet The Folks, a fortnightly club that has been a cornerstone of the scene, hosting just about everybody who has ever played country and folk in the UK over the past two decades. In fact, his reputation and standing among his musical peers is so great that a campaign was recently launched on Facebook to have him honoured at the next Americana Music Association UK awards in February.

Now, however, after 25 years and 9 albums, on El Tapado Tyler has found a whole new way of working: writing and recording on a Teenage Engineering OP-1 programmable synthesiser.

“Having this amazing technology at my fingertips has really pushed me along, got the creative juices flowing, and shown me a different way of writing and recording. I wouldn’t say I’ve gone electronica, exactly. Maybe it’s electronicana!”

Recording much of the album on the OP-1 himself, each track has been completed and produced by Sean Read at his Famous Times Studio. Sean also plays on the album, and with additional vocals by The Magic Numbers’ Angie Gannon and lead acoustic guitar from long-term musical partner Patrick Ralla – Tyler has recorded possibly his most personal album to date. And while there may be synthesisers and rhythm loops on El Tapado where electric guitar, pedal steel, bass and live drums would have been in the past, the songs are unmistakably Alan Tyler, his classic country baritone and supremely crafted songwriting still the main focus of El Tapado.

EL TAPADO track listing…Shattered / Lucky Lonesome / I Don’t Dream / Going Back To Mexico / I Will / My Heart Was Always Wrong / There / Something To Believe / Jason / To Be One Of The Boys / Will I Get To You / Hanging Up My Heart