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PETE DELLO AND FRIENDS - Into Your Ears (The Original 1971 Nepentha mix) (LP)

by Honeybus and Pete Dello

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PETE DELLO AND FRIENDS - Into Your Ears (The Original 1971 Nepentha mix)

Format: LP only (limited to 500 copies)
Release date: March 2023

**** SOLD OUT from us! // AGOTADO ****

- First ever reissue to feature the original mix from the 1971 Nepentha release.
- Insert with liner notes based on a new interview with Pete Dello by Thomas Walsh (Pugwash).
- Limited edition of 500 copies, reproduction of original gatefold artwork and poster.

The first and only solo outing from Honeybus founder member Pete Dello is a highly regarded album by not only Honeybus fans and '60's-'70's collectors, but by anyone who has been lucky enough to fall into its magic spell. Though reissued several times (by this very same label back in 2005 as extended double LP/CD), this is the first ever reissue to feature the original album’s mix, and as Thomas Walsh states in the liner notes, "it’s a different musical animal altogether. Some of the songs feature alternate vocals, different instrumentation, different lead and harmony vocal melody lines, extra brass, no brass...all in all a revelation."

This edition features a faithful reproduction of the original album's artwork, and includes an insert with liner notes based on a new interview with Pete Dello by Ivor Novello nominated songwriter Thomas Walsh (Pugwash) and a poster of the fabled Roger Dean cover art. Limited to 500 copies.

“A beautifully refreshing little album, if you like soft songs composed with a sense of humour, feeling for romance and old-fashioned charm… The tunes are almost all painfully simple; that’s their beauty. An outstanding album that’s been too long in coming” – Ray Coleman - Melody Maker, 1971

“It’s a well-produced, arranged and thought-out album, and just about the direction everyone imagined McCartney would have gone as a solo artist” - Disc & Music Echo, 1971


- Primera reedición con la mezcla original de 1971.
- Insert con notas basadas en una nueva entrevista con Pete Dello, por Thomas Walsh (Pugwash).
- Edición limitada de 500 copias. Reproducción del diseño original y póster.

El único disco en solitario de Pete Dello, miembro fundador de Honeybus, es uno de esos discos respetados y admirados no solo por los fanáticos de Honeybus y los coleccionistas de los años 60 y 70, sino también por cualquiera que haya tenido la suerte de caer bajo su mágico hechizo. Aunque ha sido reeditado varias veces (por este mismo sello en 2005 en versión extendida como LP doble/CD), esta es la primera reedición que presenta la mezcla del álbum original (publicado por el sello Nepentha en 1971) y que, como afirma Thomas Walsh en las notas, "es un animal musical diferente... Algunas de las canciones cuentan con tomas vocales alternativas, instrumentación diferente, distintas líneas de melodía vocal principal y de acompañamiento, metales adicionales, sin metales... en general, una revelación".

Esta edición reproduce la carátula del álbum original e incluye un inserto con notas basadas en una nueva entrevista con Pete Dello por Thomas Walsh (Pugwash) y un póster de la legendaria portada de Roger Dean. Limitado a 500 copias.



Side One
1.- It's What You've Got 2.- There's Nothing That I Can Do For You 3.- I'm A Gambler 4.- Harry The Earwig 5.- Do I Figure In Your Life 6.- Uptight Basil

Side Two
1.- Taking The Heart Out Of Love 2.- On A Time Said Sylvie 3.- A Good Song 4.- It's The Way 5.- Go Away 6.- Arise Sir Henry